Dating someone who smokes cigarettes

I went on a date with an ex-boyfriend back in to see if there was anything left. When we had broken up, in he had confessed he had some opioid.
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Dating a Smoker: 7 Things You Should Know

He understands the value of illusion better than most, it gives a warm glow but in no time at all it turns to smoke and ash. Date him because he stands his ground every day. Date him because he more than anyone else hears about the hazards of smoking. He has heard arguments against it and he has read reports about it but he did the thing that men do, he stood his own. Even if the whole world was arrayed against him he would stand there between that and what he cares about.

Date him because he finds pleasure every day in one small way. Date him because he can find joy in every waking moment. The joy of anticipation as he waits for his first cigarette, the child-like wonder and awe that is writ on his face when he finds a cigarette after giving up on ever doing so. Let these emotions into your life there are shabbier companions than joy and wonder. Most of all date him because he understands love.

He understands that sometimes love is wrong for you but love is worth being wrong. He is a man who has found something that he loves and is willing to let it kill him. He is a man with a capacity for great love, for depthless, for selfless love. He shows it every time he smokes. So find a man who smokes and share a cigarette with him. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

Reblogged this on revolutionaryromance and commented: Reblogged this on Second Phase and commented: I guess I can say that we started over a cigarette. Reblogged this on I deserve someone who's afraid of losing me and commented: Reblogged this on wildflower dreamer. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Not saying I have a 'thing' for smokers, but i've never ruled a guy out because of it, doesn't put me off, it's just a habit!

Follow 14 My boyfriend is a social smoker and it annoys me but I can't force him to stop. I just tell him that I really dislike it when he does it and I don't allow him to kiss me afterwards as I dont like the smell of cigarettes.

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Follow 15 I'd rather not, would consider an exceptionally good case but generally it's a deal breaker. Follow 16 Im a smoker and i would date a smoker, my ex hated me smoking, for 2 years he bugged me to quit, but he never would compromise e. So in a way id prefer to date a smoker, smell bad or not. Follow 17 Swanbow Follow 22 followers 15 badges Send a private message to Swanbow.

dating real cigarette smokers stinks, date a guy that smokes electronic cigarettes

Follow 18 I used to social smoke, and my ex hated it. Now I smoke full time, although I wouldn't have a problem dating a smoker for some reason I would prefer a non-smoker who would edge me on to kick the habit. Follow 19 My bf smokes, and I've never smoked at all. It doesn't bother me in the sense that he doesn't smoke much usually just when drinking with the lads etc, and he is cutting back looadsss and usually outside so it doesn't smell on him. And he's careful not to smoke around me too much coz of the smell and passive-ness.

The only thing I don't like is that despite him not smoking that much, I still hate what it could be doing to his health. I don't like it hurting him or putting him at risk of things.

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So, it doesn't put me off him at all The only thing I don't like his the health effects. Follow 20 Yes I would and I have before. However I very much would prefer not to. I'm not so much disgusted by the act but more by the fact that people can become SO reliant on it for relief. Plus it's just not great in the long term as we all know. This forum is supported by: Leave or Remain - what would you vote right now? Is it a quilt or a duvet? Re-applying to Cambridge after rejection.

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