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Spencer Jill Hastings is one of the Liars and main protagonists of Pretty Little Liars know about the video footage of Ian with Alison but not Spencer dating him.
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Mary appears and injects Spencer with something to sleep. As she comes to, Spencer, chained to the floor, meets her twin Alex Drake, who has a British accent and the initials A. Wren met Alex in London while she was working as a bartender and told her about Spencer. Wren and Alex quickly began a relationship, and Alex reveals that she took over the game as uber A when Charlotte, Spencer's half-sister, died. Alex has been studying Spencer's life, including her family photos. She's also the one who comforted Hanna when she was being tortured and hooked up with Toby before he moved away.

When the game was over, Alex returned to London but she couldn't stop thinking about the liars, even though Wren tried to dissuade her. Alex wanted to know what it felt like to have friends like Spencer's who love each other no matter what happened. Wren implores Alex to give up the game and tell the girls the truth, but she convinces him that she needs to become Spencer.

She even has Wren shoot her so that she has the same gunshot scar as Spencer. Alex says the plan was to become Spencer, but Wren only wanted her as Alex. She implies to Spencer that Wren is dead and that she had his ashes made into the eternity stone she wears on her necklace.

'Pretty Little Liars' series finale recap: Who is AD, who got married, who's pregnant

Alex assumes Spencer's identity and meets the other girls at Aria's wedding, where she reveals that the father of Alison's daughters is Wren. And back in her prison, Spencer talks to Mary, who tells her that she sold Alex, who ended up at an orphanage in England. Mary comes in to comfort Spencer, who takes a bobby pin from her hair. At her wedding, Aria is crying, having received a text from Ezra who said he wasn't coming.

It turns out that Alex knocked Ezra out when he asked her too many difficult questions and that he is being held in the same place as Spencer. Alex returns to explain that she wants Toby. She also says that Sydney Driscoll was only helping her because Alex caught her stealing. Charlotte left her money to Alex, who used some of the money to pay for Jenna Marshall's surgery to help her see again.

In exchange, Jenna helped her with the game. Elliot Rollins, on a flight to Paris, and the two fell in love. In fact, Archer was acting on his own when he tricked Alison into marrying him and convinced Mary that it was what Charlotte would have wanted. In Paris, Wren helped Charlotte and Alex meet for the first time. Wren, Alex, Charlotte and Archer did everything together. But Alex never saw Charlotte again, and she reveals that she is going to kill Ezra.

Back at Aria and Ezra's apartment, the girls are looking for any clue as to what happened to Ezra. Jenna also senses that something is wrong when she encounters Spencer and notices she has a different scent. Caleb, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Alison are gathered at the loft when Toby enters and reveals that he believes Spencer is possibly being impersonated by a twin. He says there's no way the book Spencer gifted him before he moved was hers because there weren't any notes in it.

The scene pans out and shows Mona watching the events unfold at the Brew cafe. Mona reveals to the gang that she is playing the game to beat A. As soon as they arrive to the house, they find furniture identical to the tables and chairs in Spencer's own home. They then find a passage underground. Alex hits Mary with an axe, but before she could kill them, Spencer and Ezra break out of their cells.

Alex eventually corners the two, and Spencer jumps on her before she can kill Ezra. Spencer and Alex both try to get the group to believe they are the real Spencer, but it's Toby who figures it out:. The real Spencer responds with a line from the poem in French. And police arrive to take Alex away. In a happy ending, Ezra and Aria are finally married. Their ceremony is interrupted by the ring of executive producer I.

Marlene King's cell phone in a surprise cameo. Aria tells her friends that she and Ezra plan to look into adoption after their honeymoon. Spencer says that Toby is staying in the area to help veterans, and Hanna says she is pregnant. Mona works in a toy store in France and has a handsome French boyfriend. As she promises to meet him later, she walks downstairs to find her dolls Alex and Mary Drake, who she is keeping prisoner. The final scene is of Alison and Emily's students who find themselves in a very similar scenario to the first episode of "Pretty Little Liars.

How Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily get their bold looks. Everything you need to know about the show before the final season premiere. Who is AD, who got married, who's pregnant. Ariana Grande is owning her success in new single '7 rings'. Super Bowl performers speak out about 'unfortunate' controversy, backlash. Sahana Srinivasan, host of Netflix's 'Brainchild,' on bucking stereotypes. It is very possible that Jason was the one snapping the photograph, but he doesn't remember. Later in her room, Spencer sits on her bed, reflecting on the picture of Alison the night she disappeared.

She then flashes back to that night. Spencer had been arguing with Alison about not wanting to reveal that she had kissed Ian. She says that it was HER shadow in the picture with Alison. She had gone after Ali after the two had a fight. Spencer admits that the reason she had never told the girls thus far was because she had felt responsible for wishing Alison dead. At the Cavanaugh home , Spencer stoops to pick up the mail.

They start discussing the evidence from the day Alison disappeared. Suddenly, Toby hears someone Jenna shut a window and whispers to Spencer that he isn't supposed to be talking about this. He gives her the slip, thanking her for the book. Spencer returns to Toby's home and is nonplussed when he tells her to leave with barely any explanation. He hands her the French textbook and close. Spencer suddenly understands why Toby had been so secretive before, with the possibility of Jenna being so close.

In Spencer's room, the girls discuss the strangeness of Melissa's rapid change in life plans. They use a website to decipher the three letters of the Braille message: Spencer, upset about the message Toby gave her, goes to his house to confront him. He tells her she is reading it wrong and to come back Saturday morning when Jenna will be away at her flute lesson. As Toby walks away, Spencer gets a text from "A" warning her that Jenna will be pissed.

She goes through Jenna's room to look for clues only to have Toby warn her not to; Jenna remembers exactly where she places things and will know if things are touched. After his anklet is taken off, Spencer offers Toby a ride to the station, and he accepts, leaving Jenna rebuffed when he turns down her ride in a taxi with him. The next morning, Spencer has a dream that she is walking through her house at night. She hears a baby cry and descends the stairs into the living room, where a baby is lying in a bassinet.

As she approaches the crib, someone sneaks up on her from behind and covers her mouth with his hand. She wakes up and begins to suspect Ian of hiding a dangerous side of himself. After having him steal Jenna's phone, Toby tells her that he never spied on anyone; the only thing he can make of Alison's assumptions is that she had something on him. Spencer stumbles across a trophy with Ian Thomas' name on it. Spencer sees dried blood at the base of the trophy and the girls inform the police. The next day at school, some police officers and a detective appear. They approach the Liars and ask for Spencer.

In turns out that while failures to turn evidence into the police before were mistakes, in this instance, reporting to the police was the mistake. A Person of Interest. The girls are questioned by the police as to why they think Ian is Alison's killer. Each of the girls lets Detective Breyer know about the video footage of Ian with Alison but not Spencer dating him. Spencer and Toby form an unlikely alliance, as the two grow increasingly suspicious of Jenna and her ties to a mysterious room at a local motel.

Toby is staying at the motel to escape Jenna's wrath. Toby and Spencer stake the room out from the room next door for Jenna and end up falling asleep. They wake up and realize "A" set them up on wild goose chase. Someone to Watch Over Me. They go through everything in her room, her jewelry, her closet, and even want to take her laptop, but her mother refuses on the grounds that it was not in the search warrant. Unfortunately, the police and her mother found out about Spencer's and Ian's past, making Spencer look especially guilty for having lied. Later, Ian volunteers to help Spencer run away before she's arrested.

That night, her mother tells her that someone might be trying to frame Spencer. Monsters in the End. Her family also doesn't want Spencer to see Toby anymore. At the festival, she is trapped in a haunted house by "A". She is released by Ian and her family and is taken home. On the way, Spencer stops following when she catches sight of Toby.

For Whom the Bell Tolls. After finding Ian's videos, Spencer decides to use it as a means to get him to confess to Alison's death. After Melissa is in a car crash, Spencer goes to the church to pick up her phone only to be confronted by Ian. She shows him the thumb drive and throws it to distract him. She is nearly killed by him in order to stage her suicide but someone pushes him of the bell tower. After the girls find her, the police arrive but Ian's body is no where to be found leaving the town to wonder what the girls are up to.

The parents send the girls to Anne Sullivan for therapy and are not to see each other for awhile. Later she glances at her sisters phone and sees a message leading her to believe Ian is still alive. Spencer attempts to comfort Melissa but is constantly rebuffed and attempts to investigate Jason and why he has returned to Rosewood. At school, Spencer spots Toby. She is hopeful that he is returning to Rosewood High, but he is there to pick up paperwork regarding getting his GED. She tries to convince him to return, but Toby is not interested, especially because he just landed a construction job working for an established company.

Spencer is happy for him, and Toby reveals that he plans to work hard in order to leave his parents' home. On their forest walk, Spencer and Toby discuss the text message supposedly sent by Ian. They stare at Rosewood from above, comparing it to a monster, or simply a town full of monsters, then comfort each other about their reputations.

My Name Is Trouble. At school, the girls find ways to secretly meet by hiding in the bathroom stalls until the bathroom is empty. They discuss the latest news, including the possibility that Melissa is hiding Ian. When someone enters, they split as if being there all together is a coincidence. She suspects Jason is up to something. Spencer confronts Melissa about her loyalties. She asks Melissa to protect her in the event that someone tried to hurt her only to get brushed off.

She late pawns Melissa wedding ring to buy Toby a truck. Spencer walks back through the door of the pawn shop, just like she said she would, 48 hours after pawning the diamond ring. The owner pretends he doesn't recognize her to cover up his mistake, but Spencer has the receipt as proof. He gives her a rusty horseshoe as the item that corresponds with the number on the receipt.

She gets a text from "A" cluing them into who has the ring. Spencer finds Wren at the hospital where he works to let him know that she saw Wren giving stuff to Melissa and to warn him that Ian had tried to kill her. He tells her that the bag contained strong pain killers, meaning Ian really is alive.

Eventually, the girls follow Melissa and Wren to Ian's hiding place only to find Ian dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Devil You Know. At the Hastings' home, reporters are calling the house nonstop. Spencer's mother does not want to get involved at all, but out of sympathy for Melissa, Spencer suggests a funeral to give her closure from her loss.

Spencer tries to find an affordable wedding ring for Melissa to replace the one she lost to no success. The Liars join Emily in the cemetery, and they end up at Alison's grave. A projector shows the footage of Alison with Ian the night she died, the footage they thought was lost. This time, after falling to the floor, Alison gets up, giggling. Ian puts on his jacket, gives her a kiss, then turns to walk away. The girls are now led to believe that Ian did not kill Alison. They consent out of sympathy for Jessica.

On the day of the fashion show, Spencer notices Peter and Jessica having an argument but doesn't catch the details. During the show, negative images and words of Alison play out of no where. She unplugs all the wires around his equipment until the images and sound effects stop. At home, she confronts him about his conversation with Jessica and asks him what's going on.

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Peter snappily and mysteriously tells Spencer to stay away from Jason. At the Hastings' residence, Spencer discusses her father's upcoming construction projects. Peter has commissioned Toby to work on everything, but is worried that it might be too much for one person.

Spencer assures him that he can handle it and contrarily encourages him to hire Toby for Taylor's upcoming nursery as well. Spencer reminds her father that they owe it to Toby after falsely accusing him. When she learns about the field hockey stick that Toby found, she attempts to ask her dad about it only to find him burning it in the fireplace. Later that night, Spencer sits in Garrett's cop car and gets a text message from Aria, warning her not to trust Garrett.

Spencer viewing a classic picture of Alison on her computer. She gets up to answer the door and finds Wren with another plant entering her kitchen. But, this time, it looks like he bought the plant, and he's definitely not drunk. He says he has come to see Melissa, but she's still in Philadelphia. He drops the bomb that he is moving into Rosewood now that he has been accepted for a rotation at Rosewood Community Hospital.

Later, her and Aria sneak into the hospital as candy strippers and discover that Alison's murder weapon was a curved blunt edge but she died of suffocation from breathing in dirt. To their surprise, there is a page missing from the report. Spencer, Emily, and Hanna return to the morgue look for the page with no success. Later, Spencer walks on front lawn before getting the urge to spy on Jason and his latest construction endeavor.

She sees a gardener about to open a door, when Jason barks at him not to enter that door. He closes the door and, after doing a poor job of looking to see if someone is watching, places the key atop the shed door. Spencer and Emily discover that it is doubling as a dark room. There are developing photographs hanging all around. When she returns, the dark room is dismantled. Touched by an 'A'-ngel. Spencer and Toby sort through Ian's leftover belongings. In his yearbook they discover he was part of an N. Club and discovered that Jason and Garrett were members too. Spencer descends the stairs to find Jenna sitting on her living room couch.

After doing a double-take, Jenna accuses Spencer of somehow breaking their agreement. Jenna sharply announces that she knows that Toby is assisting her and that he rifled through her room. She warns Spencer and Toby to back down. At the mention of Toby, Spencer mocks Jenna in return for the way that she "cares" about him. Before she leaves, Spencer pointedly tells her to say hi' to Garrett for her. Later, her and Hanna try to comfort Emily, who had a terrible experience at the spa.

Over My Dead Body. Spencer and the others are drawn into a game by A in order to find Dr. They are each given dolls of each other with instructions. Spencer's job is to "Keep Toby safe" which she does by breaking up with him. She tries to convince him that she doesn't trust him and sincerely argues that when she reveals her secrets, people get hurt. She breaks down by an oak tree because of what "A" made her do. After receiving more instructions, the girls go to the spot where they think "A" has Dr. They dig up a shovel and are arrested by the police for possessing a murder weapon.

The Halloween before Alison's disappearance, Spencer is trying to win class president in the school election to impress her family. Alison volunteers to help her with her predicament. She along with her friends are at a part at Noel Kahn's house. There, Alison hands her incriminating evidence of tampering with the ballots of the election to insure Spencer's victory. Alison encourages her to burn it so people won't find out about it.

Later, she and the others look for Alison and are annoyed when she pranked them into thinking she was in trouble. Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares. A month has passed since the night they got arrested. On the Rosewood Camp Grounds, the four girls are picking up trash for community service. The girls decide to trap "a" by handing them "evidence" and using Emily as bait.

That night, all 4 girls meet at the greenhouse. Spencer shouts that now they have nothing. Frustrated, they return to greenhouse and discover "A"s phone on the ground under Hanna's front headlight. They all stare at it thinking the same thing - they may have actually found hard evidence to expose the identity of "A. After their recent encounter with "A," Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer think they may be closer than ever to figuring out who "A" really is. Spencer suggests calling Caleb to help them recover information from the phone.

The next day, Spencer approaches Toby wanting to talk. She asks if they can do it someplace more private than a sidewalk so they go into his truck. They sit in his truck for privacy as Spencer tells him she knows that he wants answers but that it is still not safe yet. At Spencer's lake house, Hanna runs downstairs to answer the door while Spencer keeps searching. She moves around a few boxes and discovers that the wallpaper in the background of the doll photo is the same as that on the wall. Let the Water Hold Me Down. The next day, Spencer has found cell phones and an old receipt up in her attic at the lake house.

The receipt lists an address in Philadelphia. Aria and Spencer agree to check out the place in Philly later this afternoon. Spencer and Aria walk down a street in Philly, looking for the place on the receipt, Smitty's, and find it just to be a newsstand. They figure that must be the place since the receipt is just for gum and magazines, but don't see anything out of the ordinary. Spencer discovers the reason for all the blind people in the area: As Spencer turns to leave, another patient tells her that he knows Jenna.

She also console a distraught Mona after her break up with Noel. The Blond Leading the Blind. Caleb uncodes more videos from A's phone. They see the video of Ali and Ian at the Kissing Rock and wonder if this is all there is. Spencer and the girls see a video of Then a new video starts. Ian, Garrett, and Jenna in Ali's bedroom looking for their videos. Emily reluctantly picks up the phone and tells Toby Spencer cannot come to the phone, not wanting to lie to him.

Toby says he came by to pick up his tools since Spencer's father fired him and that Spencer has been sending him mixed signals lately. Spencer then learns that Toby had an accident. At the hospital, Toby tells Spencer the anchors "gave way. During their introductions, Wren makes it somewhat obvious there is a history between him and Spencer. She asks Emily to tell Toby she cheated on him in order to to protect him from more attacks from "A".

A Kiss Before Lying. Aria and Spencer sit alone in Spencer's kitchen. Aria notes that Toby's truck has gone, and Spencer says she took it back to Toby's house, and begins crying reminiscing about him. Aria comforts her and Spencer says she doesn't know how Aria is holding it together. Spencer asks if it is her fault they are lying to Hanna about Caleb, but Aria assures her that there are certain situations in which someone must lie to their friends, no matter how much they hate it. She also helps Hanna cope with the fact that Kate, her stepsister is now a student a Rosewood High.

At the high school's Truth Up Day, Spencer help Hanna clear her name after she's framed for posting a nude photo of Kate on the internet. Spencer says she knows that her dad altered the will to protect Jason, but she doesn't know why. Jason tells her to ask her dad when he gets back in town, but Spencer says he hasn't left town and that she's already asked him and he won't give her an answer.

Veronica says she understands that Spencer is feeling upset and betrayed, and she did when she found out and still does sometimes, but they need to get past it. Spencer asks how, and Veronica says that every family has secrets, and if she'd known and made a different one, then Spencer wouldn't be here. Spencer spots Jason outside and they talk. Jason admits he found another one of Alison's boxes under the floorboards in her room at their grandmother's.

There were letters in the box, which were from their dad to Jason's mom, a few of which were love letters. A shocked Spencer realizes that Ali must have found the letters, figured out what they meant, and blackmailed Spencer's dad under the threat that she would ruin both families. Later, she asks him for 2, dollars with she would us to pay a man with information about Alison.

At the Hastings' house, Spencer has just told Melissa about Jason being their half-brother. Melissa is visibly angry, and when Spencer tries to defend their mother, Melissa scolds her for it. Spencer also mentions that Alison knew. When Melissa questions if anyone else knows, Spencer tells her no. Melissa wants to keep it that way. Aria and Spencer meet Jonah at the park. They give him the money, and he gives them an address. She's unsatisfied with just an address, but then they spot Garrett in his car, watching them. So, they decide to go later. Later when Caleb decode the rest of the video, she is shocked to Melissa walk into Ali's room too.

Spencer sits with Melissa in her car at night and tries to get some answers. Melissa says Garrett was Ian's friend and has been really kind to her since Ian's death. Now she worries she shared too much with him. She admits to having sent Ali anonymous texts telling her to back off Ian and stop flirting with him and telling Peter all about it.

Spencer fills Melissa in on Ali's blackmail money and the possibility it came from their father. While the girls accuse Melissa of being "A," Spencer defends her sister. At a father-daughter dance, she reluctantly goes with Peter despite her mixed feeling toward him. She admits to going through his office earlier and finding an incriminating check stub. Eye of the Beholder. The next day, Spencer sees Toby in the hallway helping Jenna through into the office. Spencer seems happy to see him, but he is cold toward her. Spencer admits she is surprised to see him with Jenna like that.

Toby reminds her she is his sister and has been through a lot. When Spencer tells Toby she has been thinking about him a lot, he tells her it's a little late for that. Jenna returns and acknowledges Spencer as she takes Toby's arm and walks past. Emily finds Spencer who is worried she caused him to run back to Jenna.

Meanwhile, Spencer packs up Ali's things, her mom walks in and warns her not to go in to Jason's house. Spencer asks if she knows Ali may have been blackmailing Peter. Veronica explains that it was her idea they hire a detective. She later helps rescue Jenna from a house fire. If These Dolls Could Talk. Spencer dreams about having a conversation with Alison in her living room. She's glad the girls "haven't given up.

Spencer wakes up to Melissa pointing out the side door has been open all night. She looks over at two prescription bottles, wondering whether it had only been a dream or perhaps she actually had talked to Alison. Later, they go to the doll store in Brookhaven where they learn Alison stopped there looking for the same doll as them. Hanna, Spencer and Emily return to the shop at night and get scared out of the store by "A"'s trap.

They all receive a text from "A" instructing them to return the cell phone as a messenger delivers invitations to a masquerade ball along with a message from "A" that demands their attendance. Spencer is sure they can discover who "A" is before the midnight deadline because hide and seek is her favorite game. They drive in the night and Mona offers to let Spencer join her team, but she stops the car and Mona is defeated. Sullivan reveals that "A" blackmailed her by threatening her son, which is why she disappeared. Toby, who brought Dr.

Sullivan back, reconciles with her and they kiss. It Happened 'That Night'. Five months have past and the girls are together at Spencer's house. They talked about what they did over the summer. Spencer took some college classes at Hollis. Later that night, the girls fall asleep only to wake up to find Emily missing. They find Emily who dug up Ali's body, which is gone. The cover their tracks and decide 'that night' never happened. She goes to see Garrett in jail and she wants to know what he wants. He tells her that he didn't kill Ali. He tells her that there is a lot that she doesn't know and that he will give her answers if she can have her mom defend him.

She says no and gets up to leave, but Garret says that he knows who took the body and Spencer wants to know who but Garret is gone. Like her friends, she realizes "A" is back. Blood Is The New Black. Spencer, Hanna and Aria follow her into the bathroom to make sure she is okay.

In the bathroom, Emily shows them the teeth necklace. The girls think that those teeth are from Ali's body. When they hear noises outside, they go into one stall. Spencer thinks they can't go to the police because they lied about the lake house. Hanna and Aria accidentally drop the necklace in the toilet. As Spencer is about to stick her hand in a toilet, the bell rings and the toilet flushes along with the necklace. Spencer goes to see Garret in jail. Spencer wants to know who dug up Ali's grave and if the person did it for Garret.

He says that he didn't touch Maya and he didn't kill Ali.

He also tells her what was stolen from her grave would have proved it. When Spencer asks how, Garret brings up her mom helping him. Spencer then asks why her mom or anyone in this town would believe that he is innocent. Garret then says people lie but medical records don't. She later witnesses proof that Jenna can see with the other girls. Kingdom of the Blind. At home, Spencer sees Melissa and asks if their mom has said anything about the case but Melissa says that she is probably going to talk to them together.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer then asks how Melissa is doing but Melissa doesn't really say anything. Spencer walks upstairs but their mom comes home and wants to talk to them. Hastings says that she is taking on Garrett's case because she believes that he is innocent. Spencer is furious at this because her mom is taking on someone who is believed to have killed her best friend and her other best friend's girlfriend.

Spencer calls a hospital to know about Melissa's health status. The hospital says that they have no records of any Hastings being at the hospital. Spencer knows something is up. The hotel says that Melissa stayed at the hotel for around 3 days past the time she was set to check out. Veronica Hastings had checked in as well. After Spencer hangs up the phone, she knows that her family is lying to her again, because Melissa didn't go to the hospital and her mom covered it up.

She confronts her mother who silently admits that Melissa had faked the later half of her pregnancy. Birds of a Feather. The next day at school, Spencer waits for Jason. He thinks her mom took Garrett's case to protect Melissa. In Philly, Spencer waits for her sister in front of someone place as Hanna, Emily and Aria wait to go into her apartment. They discover evidence that Melissa was the Black Swan at the masquerade party. Spencer confronts Melissa and tells her that she knows she was dressed as The Black Swan and that she didn't lose the baby in June.

Melissa tells her that she lost the baby back when they found Ian's body. Spencer asks why she faked being pregnant and Melissa says she lost Ian, she lost the baby and that it was too much for her. Spencer says that she had to know that this couldn't have lasted. Spencer then asks Melissa why she was at the masquerade ball. Spencer sits with Melissa and her mom in the living room as Melissa explains that she was blackmailed into wearing to keep Jenna distracted or risk exposure of the fake baby bump.

Spencer is furious with her family always lying to her, but her mom tells her that this is her family whether she likes it or not. That Girl is Poison. When Garrett's mother is sent to the hospital, Spencer believes "A" had something to do with it. Spencer is staking out at the hospital watching Garrett buy flowers for his mom. She is on the phone with Emily telling her what he is doing.

Spencer sees him writing a note on the flowers, which she finds weird because his mom is in a coma so she couldn't be doing much reading. Later, she returns to the hospital. They look at him but Nate goes over and wants to punch him for what he did. Spencer sneaks into the elevator to go see Garret's mom. When Spencer goes in the room, she finds the flowers Garrett gave her and she reads the note but the note was saying that Garrett will always be there for her and that he loves her.

Spencer puts the note back into the flowers but notices a piece of paper near Garrett's moms hand. The Remains of the "A". She and the girls meet CeCe Drake , Ali's mentor who taught her everything and also dated Jason while their families vacationed near each other. They think that was weird because Ali and CeCe look alike. Spencer is leaving school when she sees Jason running.

She stops him so she could talk to him because she feels bad about the anklet setting Garrett free. Jason tells her it isn't her fault because she didn't make him go in the police station. Jason also tells her that he is done looking for answers. Trying to cheer him up, Spencer brings up that she met CeCe and how her and Ali spent an intense summer together and Jason says that everything about CeCe is intense.

At night, Spencer is driving when someone drives passed her really fast and bumps into another car. Spencer realizes that it is Jason and runs to make sure he is okay but finds him drunk. She helps cover it up with Toby's help. Later, Spencer cracks a code which leads to Maya's website but they don't know the password to it. Spencer thinks that Mona is trying to trick them but Hanna thinks Mona is helping them because she is afraid of something.

At Spencer's house, Spencer tries cracking into Maya's site with Hanna but they have no luck. Spencer knows that she needs help on this so she asks Hanna if Caleb could help them. Hanna says it's okay because at least one of them could be in the same room as him. Just then Toby comes in and is clearly angry that Jason is gone and left both of the lying to the cops.

Spencer lied because she wanted to protect Jason and Toby wanted to protect Spencer as well. Toby knows that she won't tell him anything, so he'll make it easy on her, he'll go find answers for himself. The next day at school, Spencer talks to Caleb who got out of his new car. He talks to her about how his mom lent it to him and he drove it all the way back from California. Spencer asks him what is the best way to get around a tough password. Caleb catches on that it is a real website which make her confess that she can't crack it.

Later, they crack the password and bring up the website. Spencer is with Aria at the Brew as Aria shows her the picture of the stamp that was on Maya's wrist. Spencer can't look at that anymore because she let the website take up to much of her time and she forget to apply to UPenn. CeCe walks over to them because Aria forget her phone and sees Spencer's application.

CeCe admits that she went to UPenn and knows someone who works in admissions that will be at a party on Friday. Spencer stares at CeCe with puppy dog eyes begging her to take her to the party. Spencer, CeCe and Aria arrive at the party. Spencer and Aria realize that they have been there before because they are at Noel's house. She plays a game of Truth with Jenna who is curious as to why Spencer's mom is defending Garrett. During the game, Jenna asks for the videos Ian made but the round ends. CeCe informs her that she gave her application to Steven and he will give it to UPenn.

Spencer then asks CeCe if they can leave which they do. Spencer is with Hanna, Emily and Aria looking at the note Hanna found. Hanna reads the note but can't make out the last set of words because the rain washed it out. They think it has something to do with finding evidence that kept Garrett in jail and that's why she was killed. When Spencer and Emily look at the letter, Emily realizes that Maya wrote this the day she died. Spencer sees Noel at his locker and goes to talk to him about his relationship with Maya.

Noel and Maya had a texting relationship and he hooked Maya up with weed from time to time. Spencer thinks that was around the time he and Jenna started sneaking around in the middle of the night. When she goes into the guys locker room, she gets Noel's cell phone to see what he texted Maya.

She hears two guys come in so she hides behind some equipment as she looks through Noel's phone but doesn't find any texts from Maya. When Spencer goes home, she's in her room as she gets an e-mail with a video link. When she opens it, it is video footage of Noel's lakehouse. She watches the footage as it shows Maya coming up on her bike at Spencer sees CeCe hanging up flayers because she needs people for her trunk show tonight at her boutique.

Spencer confirms that they are dating which makes CeCe tell Spencer about "Pigskin" a. Spencer goes into the dressing room after CeCe gives her a dress. When Spencer gets ready to try the dress on, a snake comes out of one of the boxes and attacks her. CeCe lets her out of the dressing room and beats the snake. At Hanna's house, Spencer tells her about the snake in the dressing room.

Spencer and Hanna discuss why and what motive Paige would have. Spencer finds it strange that Paige never mentioned she was with Emily "that night" and how Paige hated Ali and was jealous of Maya. At school, Spencer is at her locker when Paige looks over at her. Paige confronts Spencer about why they made Emily cry this morning. Paige also wants Spencer to leave Emily alone and their relationship. But Spencer isn't going to let Paige hurt Emily.

Paige tells Spencer that if she doesn't leave her alone, Spencer will end up getting hurt. When they wonder what Paige would want with Maya's bag, "A" sends Spencer another text of Ali's bag warning them not to tell Emily. Spencer, Hanna, Caleb and Aria all go to Ali's grave. Caleb has a way of talking to them through a phone as he watches for "A" to come from the trees.

Hanna wonders why Paige is late and the girls realize something is wrong. They think Paige sent them here to keep them away from Emily. When Spencer, Hanna and Aria arrive at the other Lighthouse, they see police cars and someone going into an ambulance. Hanna sees that Caleb got shot so she breaks down crying into Spencer and Aria's arms.

Emily runs over to them and hugs Hanna making sure she is alright. Spencer spots Paige as they look at each other with an apologizing look in their eyes. This Is A Dark Ride. Spencer goes onto the Ghost Train and dances with Toby to "Cuckoo. He was going to stop by her house, but he saw that Garrett was there. Garrett is a free man now but Jason still doesn't believe he is innocent. Garrett takes her outside and confesses that he lied about killing Alison to Jenna and saw Alison with Mr. Montgomery talking to her. Spencer leaves to go find Aria so Garrett can tell her.

As Spencer looks for her, someone is a joker costume starts chocking her over the ledge of the train. Spencer pushes the person off and runs but the train door is locked. The joker chocks, pushes and punches her but Paige saves her. Paige makes sure she is alright but finds a red long fingernail in Spencer's dress.

Later, she helps free Aria from a crate about to fall of the train with Garrett's dead body inside. The police show up, Toby says the police won't let them go until they give statements. Spencer rests her head on Toby's hand trying to get rid of her stress. At school, Spencer and Aria meet with Emily who explains that she is on house arrest because her dad is worried about her because of the Halloween Train.

Spencer, Hanna and Emily then see people call Mona a freak and tell her she should go back to Radley. Spencer and Toby have lunch as she tells him about Mona being back with no warning. They then discuss Jenna transferring school and if has something to do with Garrett's death. Toby thinks she needs to stop obsessing over this, but Spencer can't because the police still haven't found the gun that killed him. Later, they break into Harold Crane's office and find he has Alison's diary and they find an entry on Mr.

Montgomery having an affair with one of his students. Spencer, Hanna and Emily sneak into the school to go find Harold's journal. When they find the journal, they see that it is empty. At the Decathlon meeting as Andrew Campbell informs them that since Brad fell off his bike, Mona is now joining them and running for captain.

The votes tie and they do a quiz-off to determine the captain. Spencer does well but Mona wins. She is comforted by Andrew Campbell who thinks it should've been her. Spencer prepares for hers and Toby's anniversary by preparing her grandma's famous lasagna for a romantic dinner for them with whine. Remembering how they first got together, she gets him a scrabble board that says "I love you" with the words "goofball" and "glyeraldehyde. When Hanna shows her a key, Spencer uses it to lure out A's accomplice. When it is confirmed to be Toby, she him his Radley card and slaps him before he disappears.

That same night, Spencer goes to Toby's loft to hear an explanation as to what she saw tonight, but the door won't open because the locks got changed. Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno. Stilling reeling form the revelation of Toby being A, Spencer begins to act out. She lashes out at Emily for still being loyal to Alison, but she apologizes and admits that she and Toby broke up, but she is not ready to talk about it.

The Love Interests

Later she acts up in Ella's class, yells at Ezra for taking out his problems on Aria and letting it slip that he has a kid. When Aria confronts her, Spencer says that they all should stop blaming A for their mistakes and instead themselves. She meets Miles Corwin , a private investigator, to find and follow Toby. After Spencer gives him the picture, she takes it back to rip her out of it so she doesn't have to get reminded of all the lies. She also tears her picture up, signaling that the happy girl in the picture no longer exists. Jason talks to the girls about how the police have released Ali's remains to his family and that there will be a service at the mausoleum.

Jason arranged for the girls to have some time, after his family. Spencer snaps saying she has said all the good-byes she needs and leaves. She meets up with Miles who traced the key over to a series of buildings, but he will need more encouragement from her. Miles also gives her some advice, his line of work he tends to follow low lives. Not guys who buy flowers before skipping town. After paying him, Miles tells her the key is to a unit.

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She unlocks the door and finds it completely empty except for some chairs. Spencer breaks down crying. A heartbroken Spencer shows up to Alison's service where she spills the beans to Jason about Alison being pregnant. Later, Spencer finds Toby's mom's tomb in the mausoleum and carves Toby's name above his mom's.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted. Spencer and Andrew are arguing in the school courtyard because Spencer hasn't shown up to any of them team practices and tells her that she is off the team. An angry Spencer approaches Mona and asks if she wants to take away anything else from her. However, she helps Andrew prepare for the meet which involved stripping. Emily witnesses this and doesn't agree with the "New Spencer.

She approaches Mona where they have a subtle battle of words in which Mona goes too far and Spencer attacks her. Wren drives Spencer home in a silent car ride. Melissa calls her phone wanting to know where she is. Wren covers for Spencer, saying they grabbed a bit to eat but she got an upset stomach.

After the phone call, Spencer looks at Wren shocked that he didn't spill the beans about her fight with Mona. The next day, Spencer is still at home in her bed when Melissa comes in. She does most of the talking because she is not covering for Spencer anymore about her skipping school. Spencer just rolls over, ignoring her sister and not caring anymore. Wren and her have dinner where he helps get her over her sorrows. While walking home, she sees a person with blonde hair in a red coat watching her. The person runs away as Spencer chases after her.

But when she looks down the street, the girl is gone. Spencer goes into the steam shower room to try and relax. The temperature is rising to over degrees and she is locked in there because someone put a plonger over the handles. She decides to tell the girls about Toby. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Spencer receives except for some flowers saying "Deepest Sympathy. Turn out, A sent her the flowers because someone close to her will pay for her spilling the beans about Toby.

Spencer sees the person's hand is covered with bruises and has a " Free At Last" tattoo on his side. When Mona calls out that he is dead.

exithorcas.tk Spencer chases after Mona in the woods but loses her. She breaks down crying in the middle of the forest. The next morning, Spencer found by park rangers and the traumatized girl is sent to Radley Sanitarium. Will The Circle Be Unbroken? At Radley, Spencer finds trust in Eddie Lamb , an orderly, who lets it slips that Mona had visitors when she wasn't supposed to. She also takes part Dr. Sullivan's group therapy sessions and ignores her friends pleas when they reveal that the body wasn't Toby.

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When Mona visits her. Spencer's mother visits her in Radley. Spencer screams at her that she's not ready to go home yet. Veronica asks her if Toby was really the person that they knew. Later, Eddie comes in and talks to her, telling her things about Mona, but once again cutting their conversation short.

Instead of taking her pill, Spencer puts in a bag that she was hiding under her pillow. It is later revealed that Spencer who kidnapped Malcolm, because she pulls a black hoodie, a signature piece of A, out of her pillow. She then recalls a conversation with Mona, telling her that she is in, meaning she is now a part of the A-Team. Spencer is released from Radley and comes up with a plan to trap and reveal Red Coat. At a diner, Toby reveals that he is alive and the two make up have sex.

The next day, Spencer tells her friends of her double agent status and go through the plan. When Toby pretends to betray her and take her outside, the two split up to find Red Coat. She sees a plane land in the woods and sees a girl in a red coat get off the plane and walk through the woods, believing her to be Alison.

As the girls later wake up after being dragged from the burning lodge by Red Coat , Spencer affirms that she also saw Alison. The girls all drive back to Rosewood together and they come across Wilden's car, which had been pulled out of the lake. Spencer notices something off about the trunk, and they all receive messages from "A," including Mona. They show us what is in the trunk. It is a dead pig. After disgusted looks leave their faces, Spencer realize that Mona is gone. Aria thinks she set them up so they go back to the car and decide to leave. Hanna then sees Mona in Wilden's car.

After that they all go back to Spencer's house. Emily and Aria are ready to destroy Mona in Spencer's living room but Hanna tells them to knock it off. Spencer then tells Mona to confess. She reveals to them which crimes she did commit and which she didn't, including that she did not push Ian off the bell tower, but she wish she knew who did.. She also reveals that Jenna knew Shana before she came to town and that she thinks Shana is in love with Jenna. Spencer and Toby are searching among the ashes of the burned building. Spencer needs to find something that help identify Red Coat when she begins to try and convince Toby that maybe Alison really is back.

He doesn't believe her and tells her that Alison died two years ago. She doesn't have time to convince him as she sees another person is with them. Unfortunately the moment she told Toby this, the mysterious third party made a run for it. The girls then arrive at the funeral.

They decide to split up and try to find the coffin. Spencer is the one to find it and soon realizes she isn't alone. Mona is with her. They hear a cell phone ring and realize it's coming from the coffin. A had left a cell phone in the casket with Wilden. Hanna states that her mom did not kill Wilden and the girls know that this is the truth. They are going through some stuff Emily brought from Mrs. In the box of notebooks, Hanna finds a mask. Spencer goes up to her sister and asks her about her trip to Washington. Melissa says she thinks she will get an internship in San Francisco or even London.

Back at the Hasting's house, Spencer is unsuccessfully trying to reverse look up the phone number Tippi gave them. Toby is upset and wants to know what really happened to his mom. Spencer is worried that the others will find out about Toby returning the lair it to A, and wants to tell them before they find out from someone else, but Toby cant face them. They plan to go back to Radley and find out the truth about Toby's mom. Later in Spencer's room she is looking at a cast that Hanna found in Hector Lime 's studio that looks like Melissa's face.

Melissa comes in and tells Spencer that she saw Hanna at the police station and asks why she was there. Spencer says Hanna was wondering the same thing about Melissa. Melissa says the new detective asked her to come in to talk about Wilden but she doesn't know how helpful she was she she hasn't known him since high school. Melissa brings up that one time that Spencer had asked her if she had to protect Spencer or someone else she loved, who would she choose.

Melissa asks Spencer what would her answer be if she asks her the same question and the camera cuts away before we see Spencer's response. Spencer and Emily go to Cicero Collage to find out if the phone number Tippy repeated lead them to the right place.