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Did the online dating from April until August I joined a couple of sites for 3 month stints, and one for one month. I did it to get some.
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History free online its 7 million monthly visitors.

Best free dating site yahoo answers

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It was disappointing, disheartening, and pretty bad for my self esteem to boot. I understand that I'm attractive, not a model by any means, but still attractive. I'm cultured, fun, and I have a diverse set of interests and I'm open enough to try out just about anything. But the only guys who had interest in me were old enough to be my father or grandfather.

And then there were the really overweight guys and guys with gold teeth and several kids. I initiated contact with a few guys who just seemed interesting and moderately attractive, but got nowhere with that. But then again, maybe it'll be different for you. You've got nothing to lose.

Best free dating site yahoo answers

It's not worth and you end up looking weird. I have a friend who's mom did that and they've been together a long time. But they weren't in a good shape. They had kids and all. You should travel the world and go on a life journey. I think it is fine.

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My best friend met her bf of five years on match. It's a good way to seek out people that are trying to find love just like you are, so I say try it but also keep an open mind about still trying the old fashioned way: I think that makes the difference as to being safe or not. Also depends on how much time you spend getting to know them online first. If you ever meet up with them always bring a friend for the first date. If the online person is serious about meeting you they won't care. I didn't believe online dating could work at all!

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I did a trial of a site I thought was just a "connection website" but primarily a dating site. My only intentions was to just find some new people to talk to for a few extra hours I had in my day instead of watching TV.

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I did find a few people that I would talk to for about a month. I barely visited the site anymore I realized I was talking to them more than my real friends!!! There was one person who I really connected to. He said at first he thought I'd just be good for "phone sex" but after talking to me he realized I was more than that and there was just something we had.

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Not sexual, not even relationship wise We stayed friends for about a year! We recently lost contact So if I could have amazing people to be friends with I'm sure a relationship is possible. Remember I did think those sites were for losers.

But then I realized this is a new age Still be extra careful You have to extra strict on your morals. Don't forget there are plenty of fish in the sea It's better than meeting a stranger at a bar. Online you get to find people that are similar to you, you get to learn about them and their interests before you even meet them. I think its a great thing, and it doesn't make you a loser! However there are a few problems with it but if your smart everything should be fine, 1 Chat with the person for awhile and see what they're like before deciding on meeting up, they could just be after one thing! It is a bad idea, even though it may sound interesting it is not. People lie on the Internet it is hard to trust someone. For all you know they could be phsyco killers. I have seen and heard women being murdered from online daters, They may sound like the perfect guy but, you don't know who the true person is behind that computer.